Our Gear

Somehow we’ve ended up with pretty niche gear and we get quite a lot of questions about our set up. We will be travelling in a 2001 Landrover Defender 110. We purchased our beloved Landy in 2015 and have been lovingly repairing it ever since. Note: Do not buy a car from eBay without ever seeing it, sometimes the risk pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. In our case, it didn’t. But we are working with it anyway.

Kirk will be kitting out the back to include a drawer and storage system mainly for his tools and fishing gear. We are planning on adding a solar panel, extra batteries and an alternator connected to the camper trailer. We also need to reseal the doors and window, new lights and the all important winch for 4WD. Needless to say, there is still a lot to do!


Landrover Defender 110

Next is our home on our wheels, the beautiful camper trailer we fantasized over for a very long time before finally taking the plunge in 2015 and putting down a deposit. After spending months drooling over various campers and spending a full day testing them all out at the Melbourne Camping and Caravan Show we finally found The One. It took 6 months from ordering for it to be delivered but it was worth the wait. Let me introduce to our Conqueror UEV 390  – affectionately known as Conky.

This beast has all the bells and whistles we could possibly need. A hot shower, a very workable kitchen, plenty of storage, a huge bed, tent space and its more than equipped for off roading. For us, that covers what’s important. It feels like the perfect compromise between a tent and a caravan, it has all the tent features with the creature comforts of a caravan, but we still feel like we’re camping.


Conqueror UEV 390


Conqueror UEV 390 set up in all its glory.



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