As a 30 something couple we should be thinking about a mortgage, and maybe starting that family that everyone keeps reminding us about, but instead we are packing our lives into a camping trailer and taking off for an adventure.

It started in 2010, leaving everything to the last minute (as is our way with most things) we were left with exactly 4 months to get our 99 days of agricultural work to be able to extend our visas. Over a few beers on Bondi beach we decided that going back to the UK wasn’t an option and we should probably go in search of some farm work. Both of us grew up in the city and the closest I’d ever gotten to cattle is the kind that comes on a plate. It turned out that Kirk is incredibly resourceful with a wealth of useful skills needed for outback life. Me? Not so much. I’m generally scared of everything and pretty useless when it comes to practical skills – which was communicated to me by one such farm owner!

We started by driving from Sydney to Cairns, our vehicle was a Toyota Town Ace that Kirk had kitted out with a bed and kitchen. We stayed at lots of different camps, some free, some very expensive, we met inspiring people, we worked on cattle stations and in farm stays, anything from domestic work to mustering. I became a lot less scared and lot more useful (debatable) while Kirk was in his element chopping down trees and riding horses. And that was it, we were hooked, and have been planning a similar adventure ever since.

Fast forward to 2017 and it’s finally happening. This time we are far more experienced campers, we’ve upgraded our gear, we’ve gained a four legged animal named Rufus, 1 wedding, 1 citizen and no money. But off we go!