6 weeks, 5 weekends & 24 working days to go

And still so much to do!

The weeks have been filled with fixing, selling, breaking, fixing again and endless lists to work through. There is no way we’ll get everything done before we leave but it doesn’t matter. Whatever we have is what we’ll work with, the rest can be sorted out later. We’ll have plenty of time to make modifications while we’re on the road. It’ll be a work in progress!

We’re finding the balance quite difficult between productivity and our social life (which is nothing new for us). Being in the middle of summer there are so many events and festivals, park and pub hangs going on, which all seem way more appealing than going through my wardrobe.

Kirk has been building a drawer system for the back of the Landrover for his tools. He got a bit excited at the 4WD super store and we now have so many lights that Landy resembles some sort of spaceship. I’m not sure where he thinks we’re going, the moon maybe? You’ll definitely see us coming.

I’ve been selling and trading all our belongings and I’ve become quite addicted. My best trade so far has to be trading my old bicycle for a homemade coconut cake! It was worth every mouthful. So far I’ve got about 6 bottles of wine, 6 pack of beer, cookies, brownies, cake, chocolate and 2 packets of organic coffee. I have sold some things for actual money, seen as we don’t much I should be concentrating more on this part but I just like trading more. Our stuff isn’t really worth much as we’ve got it all from op shops or hard rubbish so I’m not sorry to see any of it go. At least I’ll get use out of coffee and wine, two of my favourite things.

Here’s a little list of what I’ve been doing to rid ourselves of stuff and make some extra cash….

Clothes swapping

I hosted a clothes swap at our house, got everyone to bring wine and snacks and bag of clothes. I had 10 lovely friends around which was plenty and everyone had different styles and sizes and some really beautiful clothes. While I wasn’t swapping very much this time, downsizing being the operative word, I got rid of about 4 black bags full of clothes and shoes. It’s a great way to freshen up your wardrobe, environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet.  Anything left over we gave to op shops. Everyone walked away with plenty of new clothes without spending a penny. Depending on how much wine was consumed, some choices were better than others…


I’ve been using a Facebook group called Rough Traders which I love. It feels very community orientated and a lot of the time you are doing people a favour. I’ve traded everything from bikes to an old stereo. It way better than throwing useful working items away, I love that some else can get use out of things I no longer need. It’s great for random stuff that every household accumulates, like trinkets, old chargers, surplus of wine glasses, you will find someone that wants it, and you might even get a bar of chocolate in return, what’s not to love?

Pet Sitting

To make a little extra cash we’ve dog sitting. I use the apps that are pretty popular these days, like Mad Paws and Pawshake and we’re booked out until we leave. It can be hit and miss and I highly recommend meeting the dogs before you agree to take them on. As we have our own dog it isn’t too much trouble for us to look after others and we love the company. We’re also considering keeping this up while we’re on the road but offering house sitting and pet sitting services. We could earn a little money and get to make the most of being inside a house (washing machines, how novel!).


I’ve found the best responses for selling have been through Facebook groups. The response is very quick and I’ve only had good experiences so far in terms if people actually turning up to collect items. I’ve been trusting enough to leave smaller things like books and shoes on the porch.

As the weeks are flying by and we’re getting closer to leaving I’ve realised we’ve planned very little so far. We’ve literally just booked the ticket to Tasmania, I have no idea where we are going when we drive off the boat. I guess we have the 12 hour journey to work that bit out. We’re generally a bit ‘last minute’ about everything we do, which will make for an interesting trip.

Speaking of last minute, I still haven’t learned to drive. About to embark on a driving trip around Australia where only one of us can drive….oh dear.


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